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The XMOD System was developed to be a simplistic, ergonomic and safer way to carry, dispense and tore loaded rifle magazines.

XpaK is the individual component of the XMOD System that CONN-X to the Delta Plate mount and holds a capacity of 6 widely available, polymer, 30 round, M16/M4/AR15 patterned magazines (or 7 GI/STANGAG/metal mags) and is used to store & dispense the magazines at maximum efficiency and speed. It has a semi-nesting feature that when XpaKs are stacked on top of each other, semi-nest to maintain an organized stack of XpaKs.

- Made in the USA!

- Self locates on the Delta Plate into retention lock via the CONN-X mounting system.

- The XpaK has smooth snag free surfaces with inset aggressive texture for finger gripping of gloved/non-gloved hands.

- Made with proprietary ruggedized, high impact resistance, UV resistance Nylon 6/6 with short glass fiber.

- Ambidextrous; insert mags in 4 different orientations based off user use/positioning of XMOD System

- Drainage Holes.

- Designed to surpass Mil-Spec Standards.

- Stainless Steel springs & screws.

- Phosphate coated screws for anti-glint/glare.

- 4-way positioning to access magazines in 12, 3, 6, 9 o’clock position on the Delta Plate.

- Specially designed opening for magazine access to allow user to index on every magazine

- Speedbump on interior of feed lips of XpaK to aid in retention of magazines

- Designed to take multiple impacts/ rounds and continue to work to get you to cover, the next XpaK and home safe.

- Semi-Disposable and reusable, just like the magazine that goes in your AR.

- Protects the feed lips of your Magazines during transportation and storage.

- If you’re one of the cool kids, you’ll lovingly call it a “Pez-Dispenser” for big kids.

- If you call it a “magazine for magazines” we have an “I’m Special” badge for you.

Color: Black