The XMOD System

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The XMOD System includes: 

Includes (1) Delta Plate Mount and (1) XpaK

The XMOD System was developed to be a simplistic, ergonomic and safer way to easily carry, dispense and store ammunition while keeping your mags at-the-ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. It was intended to be a completely user definable system, you choose how and where to use it to maximize your potential.

The XMOD System was designed to be a combat multiplier; giving the tactical operator superior speed in their rifle magazine exchange during engagements whether being worn on your person or as a backup cache while being mounted in a static location like a vehicle or wall.

The design of the components allows for the XMOD System to easily adapt to an operator’s existing tactical kit via a MOLLE adaptable mount plate to replace the existing magazine soft pouch setup. The system can also be attached to a static fixture like a vehicle/wall for use as a backup/storage supply for loaded magazines.

-This is the first product release with an extensive product line that will mount to the Delta Plate via the CONN-X interface.

-The XMOD System is designed to be used and manipulated with one hand, while the other holds your rifle or other gear.

- Self locating components mate together via the CONN-X mounting system.

- Mount the XMOD System on your MOLLE Gear in an area you choose 4 sticks wide by 3 rows high OR bolt it to anything or anywhere you want

- User definable mounting options include but not limited to: MOLLE Plate Carriers/Backpacks, MOLLE panels, vehicle mounting, gun safe/gun wall mounting, ATV, UTV, BearCat, Vehicle Trunk, Helicopter, Amphibious/Rapid Assault Vehicles, Drywall, Go-Bag, MRAP, etc.

-Made with proprietary ruggedized, high impact resistance, UV resistance Nylon 6/6 with short glass fiber.

-Designed to surpass Mil-Spec Standards.

-Stainless Steel springs & screws.

-Phosphate screws for anti-glint/glare

-Universal Mount with 4-way positioning for XpaKs and future XMG product line.

-Made in the USA!

 Color: Black

*note: surface finish may be slightly different than pictured, not sold with additional mounting screws for alternative mounting options*