Where do I find my Order Number?

A: If we received your completed order, please check your email for your order information.

If I purchased a product but did not sign up for an account on XMODgear.com, then created an account, why can I not see my previous order?

A: If you check out as ‘anonymous’, we can not link the order to the account you have created after you have processed your payment. We strongly suggest you create an account before you purchase, so you can see your order history plus get email promotions, notifications and a lot of other cool information, and who knows… maybe some ‘freebies.’

I placed my order, what’s taking so long?

A: If you placed a “Pre-Order” and got the 30% Promotional deal to hold your spot in line to be one of the first to get the XMOD System… We appreciate you more than you know! We are doing our best to get you, your XMOD System but we are going to make everything is just right at the manufacturing level before we put it in your hands. We thank you for your patience and will be shipping your order as soon as humanly possible! We are anticipating shipping out orders beginning in April-May (or sooner). We will be sending out confirmation emails to the email you used when purchasing your order to notify you of shipping updates. If you don’t want to wait any longer, please feel free to cancel your order by following the ‘Cancellation Process’… We really hope you don’t!… but understand if you have to. Please come back and give us another shot when it works best for you! Communication and your trust is paramount to all of us at XMG.

I live outside of the lower 48 states, why can’t you ship to me? I want an XMOD System!

A: Currently we can only ship to the lower 48 because we are conforming to ITAR. If you live in Alaska, Hawaii or a U.S. Territory, please email CustomerSVC@XMODgear.com and we will do our best to get you a custom shipping quote. If you do not live in the U.S., we apologize but we can not ship to you. We are working on this for the future.

I am part of the military or a police department, I’d like to buy multiple XMOD Systems for my Unit/Department, do you offer any discounts?

A: Of course we do! The XMOD System was created specifically to enhance the capabilities of the Military and Law Enforcement. Email us at CustomerSVC@XMODgear.com

I own (or am a buyer for) a Gun Shop or Online Retailer. Do you have a discount for me so I can sell your product?

A: Of course we do! Please email us at CustomerSVC@XMODgear.com and we’ll put you in touch with our executive staff.

Where do you make the XMOD System?

A: In the USA. Every part of the XMOD System is made in the USA! Design, tooling, raw materials and manufacturing is 100% Made In The USA.

Where is the best place to mount the Delta Plate?

A: Anywhere you want… the XMOD System was designed to truly be user definable. If you’re not up for wearing it on your plate carrier and just want to mount it in your vehicle or on a wall… really, you don’t need to use the Delta Mount at all if all you’re looking for is a way to keep your mags together and protect them when transporting from your safe, go-bag, or range bag to the range or a class… you can use it however you want. 

How do I get my mag changes sub 1 second with the XMOD System?

A: A few easy steps:

Step 1-Buy an XMOD System

Step 2- Train. (Hint: you don’t need to use live ammo to practice your mag changes)

Step 3- Train a little more.

Step 4- Did you train enough? If you’re not there, go back to Step 2.

Step 5- Take a friend to the range and video tape your mag change. Are you there yet?

Step 6- Send said video to CustomerSVC@XMODgear.com and we may feature you on our social media… If we do, we may send you some XMG Swag and with your permission, put it on our social media accounts…

How do I get some free XMG Swag? Or a discount code?

A: See previous question. OR, like us on the social media platforms, share pictures and videos of you with your XMOD System and we’ll randomly send out some cool Swag if we like your post and tag us in it….