6stiX Kit

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The next element in the most universal tactical mounting system is comming soon!

- Delta Plate Included!

- 6 Vertical Rows

- 3 Rows Tall

- Kydex Faceplate

- Nylon Reinforced Injected Rear Plate 

- Black Oxide Assembly Screws to Reduce Glare

* Technical specs coming soon *


The “4” in 4stiX denotes FOUR vertical rows of PALS, aka sticks, of the PALS faceplate. The “6” in 6stiX denotes SIX vertical rows of the PALS faceplate. For example, Two TACO AR mag pouches or an IFAK will fit on a 4stiX and 3 TACO mag pouches will fit on a 6stiX.

The 4stiX and 6stiX are modular components of the XMOD System that enable operators to attach their own MOLLE gear to a StiX panel, utilizing the XMOD System’s patented CONN-X quick attach/detach feature, to connect to the MOLLE-adaptable Delta Plate. The StiX component is a modular, adaptable system that allows operators to customize their kit and quickly attach/detach their favorite MOLLE gear from any manufacturer. This includes AR15/M4/M16, AK or SMG mag pouches, pistol mag pouches, IFAKs/Med kits, M249 or M240 ammo pouches, admin pouches, breacher kits, MOLLE backpacks, etc.

The StiX component gives the operator flexibility and mobility to rapidly adjust their kit based on the needs of their mission and transfer assets among operators and vehicles, armories, plate carriers, walls, backpacks, guard posts, etc. The StiX’s front plate is an ABS/PVC blend with a PALS webbing configuration for MOLLE-adaptable gear and is removeable via phosphate-coated, stainless-steel screws, making it faster and easier to web in MOLLE gear and maintain a low profile with a rugged structure and shape. The CONN-X “X” and the backer plate are both made from a ruggedized, designed to MIL-SPEC, proprietary Nylon 6/6 short glass fiber polymer.

With the click of a button, you can change the mag pouch setup on your plate carrier, switching between different caliber firearms. Or if your mission changes from fighting to medical triage, you can unlick your mag pouches and click on multiple medical kits. Even non MOLLE-adaptable gear can be attached to the StiX components via Velcro cinch straps, mini bungee cords, paracord, etc. for the outdoor adventurer enthusiast. The possibilities are endless, the options are yours. Improvise, adapt, and overcome with the XMOD System and StiX components.

Pre released pricing displayed subject to change upon release

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